Records Management Unit

2012 Register of Records Destroyed audit

It's time for the annual audit of Registers of Records Destroyed. All UTAS business areas are required to submit a return for the year 2011-2012, in the form of either one or more Registers of Records Destroyed or a Nil Return. Please submit your return by Friday, the 7th of December.

Each year the Tasmanian Archives & Heritage Office (TAHO) requests copies of the University’s Registers of Records Destroyed (RRDs) as part of its annual audit and we have just received their 2012 request.  This audit is central to the accountability process built into the disposal schedule procedures and is a legal requirement. Under the UTAS Records Management Guidelines, each business area is responsible for maintaining their own Registers and providing a copy to the Records Management Unit (RMU) for reporting purposes.

Note that due to the number of problems found with Registers submitted in earlier years, the pre-2011 version of the RRD form may no longer be used. Since 2011, business areas have been required to submit drafts of their RRDs for approval prior to destroying any records. The current Register of Records Destroyed form can be downloaded from the RMU website and you can find detailed instructions on how to fill it out and submit it in Information Sheet 3: Registers of Records Destroyed.

If your business unit has not destroyed any scheduled records since the last audit (June 2011), please submit a nil return using the Lodgement of Nil Return form by the 7th of December, 2012. If you have destroyed records since the last audit but received approval to do so via a signed Register of Record Destroyed or a Destruction Authority from the TAHO, thank you and keep up the good work! If you have submitted a draft Register of Records Destroyed, but still need to make amendments or submit the final completed form to the RMU, please do so by the 7th of December.

If you have destroyed any records without first receiving approval in the form of a Register of Records Destroyed or a Destruction Authority, or have any questions about the audit or the disposal process, please contact the RMU Disposal & Training Officer immediately for advice.

Published on: 28 Nov 2012