Records Management Unit

Disposal Schedules

These disposal schedules are legal documents that provide the necessary authorisation by the State Archivist to allow disposal to be undertaken. Disposal actions range from permanent retention as an archive, to stipulating a minimum period of retention prior to destruction. You can find instructions on how to use the disposal schedules in Information Sheet 4 - Disposal Schedules (PDF).

You should list all scheduled items due for destruction in a Register of Records Destroyed (RRD) (MS Excel), with the exception of those listed under the Disposal Schedule for Short-Term Value Records (DA 2158). The Register must be authorised by the Records Management Unit and the Head of Section/School/Division prior to destruction of any records. For more information, see Information Sheet 3 - Registers of Records Destroyed (PDF) and the Register of Records Destroyed form (MS Excel).

List of Schedules:

Note: DS 32 was rescinded by the State Archivist on the 4/5/2012 and is no longer valid. Use DA 2398 instead.