Records Management Unit

Recordkeeping Support

The Records Management Unit (RMU) provides training and support to assist staff members with their recordkeeping duties, including the provision of workshops, online tutorials, information sheets, brochures and advice on storing, managing and disposing of records. If you would like some advice or assistance with a recordkeeping project or have any questions about recordkeeping, please contact the Disposal and Training Officer. Most queries can be answered via email or over the phone, but we can also arrange to visit your offices to go through the issues in person.


The Records Management Unit runs regular workshops covering common recordkeeping topics and dilemmas. The workshops are open to all staff members and attendance is free. We run workshops approximately three times a year, but we are happy to arrange a workshop specifically for your business area if there are enough people interested in attending.

For more information, see the Workshops page or contact the Disposal and Training Officer.

Online Tutorials

We have a number of online tutorials covering general recordkeeping topics and HPERM-specific topics. These are hosted in MyLO and are freely available to University of Tasmania employees, who can enrol in them via the MyLO Course Catalog (under Staff Development and Training Units). You will need to log-in using your standard University of Tasmania username and password.

Information Sheets

No. Topic Updated
1 Managing Inactive Records (PDF) 28/9/2015
2 Requests, Resubmits & Bring Ups (PDF) 31/5/2017
3 Destroying Records (PDF) 24/5/2017
4 Disposal Schedules (PDF) 28/9/2015
5 Unscheduled Records (PDF) 28/9/2015
6 Permanent Records (PDF) 28/9/2015
7 Scanning and Destroying Paper Records (PDF) 4/1/2016
8 University Committees and Boards (PDF) 16/10/2015
9 Ephemeral Records (PDF) 31/5/2017
10 Scanning Specifications (PDF) 19/2/2015
11 Storing Records in Shared Drives (PDF) 31/5/2017
12 Off-site Document Storage Providers (PDF) 28/9/2015
13 Access to HP Records Manager (PDF) 17/3/2015
14 Storing Records in Wikis (PDF) 17/1/2016
15 Recordkeeping Requirements for Information Systems (PDF) 16/10/2015
16 Lodging Records for Off-Site Storage with ZircoDATA (PDF) 2/6/2017
17 Vital Records (PDF) 13/9/2017
18 Information Assets (PDF) 6/2/2018
19Flood Damaged Records (PDF)18/5/2018

Other Resources

We strive to keep our resources up to date, but if you find a broken hyperlink or an error in one of the resources provided here, please lodge a report via the general feedback form. Any comments or suggestions for additional resources would also be very welcome.