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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: We are upgrading TRIM to HP Records Manager 8 on the 22nd of November. Please click here for more details and for information about demonstrations and information sessions.

HP TRIM is an Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRMS) used by the University of Tasmania to capture, manage and provide access to records and information through time. The University currently utilises TRIM to manage business information including administrative, research, teaching and course material, regardless of format.

TRIM includes a classification scheme, retention & disposal functionality, a contacts database and the ability to track information across the University. It also has the capacity to integrate with other business systems such as Microsoft SharePoint, the Research Management Data Base, TechnologyOne Financials (TechOne) and the Human Resources Management System.

TRIM can provide:

  • Records management
  • Document management
  • Email Management
  • Workflow/Action Tracking
  • Image Management
  • Web Publishing

Microsoft Office applications have a direct interface with TRIM whilst files created in other applications can be imported by various methods, such as drag & drop. This ensures that all business documentation can be saved into TRIM with as little disruption as possible to normal work processes. TRIM also has an offline facility and web client if you require documents from TRIM when you are not in the office.

UTAS staff members with TRIM access may access TRIM via the TRIM Web Client. Log in using your standard UTAS username and password. If your machine is not directly connected to the UTAS network, you may need to connect via a VPN first. Please note that you still need TRIM access to log in via the web client. For more information, see the TRIM Web Client User Guide (PDF).

TRIM Cheat Sheets